Alleyway Theatre

1 Curtain Up Alley

Buffalo, NY 14202 USA


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Alcohol: None

Business zip: 14202

Hours / Exceptions: Open for productions.

Regular hours

About: The Alleyway Theatre, located in Buffalo's historic Theatre District, is home to the Alleyway Theatre Company, founded in 1980 by Neal Radice. The building was constructed in 1941 and served as the city’s primary bus depot for many decades. It is one of the most prominent examples of the Art Moderne style. In 1983, the theater group signed a lease with the city of Buffalo and spent years on a rehabilitation and restoration project that culminated with the creation of a convertible and intimate theater space that hosts a variety of plays and performances today by various groups. The Alleyway complex also includes a smaller space, the Main Street Cabaret, which seats up to 70 people and hosts occasional productions by other local theater companies.


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