Hot Club of Buffalo


Address: 1863 Davis Rd.

City: Aurora, NY 14170 USA

Event Date/Time:

January 12th, 20197:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Category: Live music

Announced-date: 2018-12-28

Brief-description: Gypsy Swing

Event url:

Price text: $10.00


About: Paying homage to the music of Gypsy Jazz greats, Guitarist Django Reinhardt and Violinist Stephane Grappelli with influences from artists like Bach, Jimi Hendrix, and Steely Dan and rhythms from styles like Bossa Nova, Choro, and Rhumba What is Gypsy Jazz? The Hot Club of Buffalo plays a brand of jazz known as Gypsy Swing. It’s also called Gypsy Jazz. The style was created in the 1930’s by the legendary 2-fingered guitarist, Django Reinhardt. Gypsy Jazz blends American big band swing with exotic European Gypsy sounds. The music is performed entirely on acoustic instruments. The rhythm guitar takes the place of a drum set. The guitars, strings, and even the picks are specially chosen to get that unique gypsy sound!


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