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Snail Mail and Cayetana


Address: 47 East Mohawk St.

City: Buffalo, NY 14203 USA

Event Date/Time:

July 17th to July 18th, 20178:00 pm - 12:00 am

Price: $10.00 - $12.00

Category: Live music

Announced-date: 2017-07-07

Brief-description: national indie rock acts

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About: From Philadelphia Cayetana From Baltimore Snail Mail The story of Cayetana is the story of punk rock. No matter the age, no matter the place, punk rock is all about seizing a moment in time. It is about not waiting for approval or permission to create art. Punk rock is simply about doing it yourself and doing it now. So, it did not matter that these three friends came together to start a band yet knew very little about their instruments. This was their journey to take together. And from there, Cayetana was born. Learning and growing together these friends have crafted a sound that is as organic as music can possibly be. So, it is no surprise how perfectly everything fits into place here. The memorable vocals, the affecting lyrics, the rolling, imaginative bass, and the steady, spiky drums all showcase the remarkable chemistry of three musicians / friends completely in tune with one another. Pulling from elements and influences of indie and folk, Cayetana's sound is all inclusive. It's raw and unflinching, imperfect and beautiful. Yes, Cayetana grabbed their moment. Yes, Cayetana is punk rock. “Cayetana's "Mesa" is the kind of bouncy indie-punk song that will keep you tapping your foot while it breaks your heart.” - NPR “It’s a vivid, bright image, qualities that are transposed on the record’s sound. Koch’s guitar is crisp, clean, and punchy, never obscured or unsure, while Anka steps in with melody lines on bass, playing lead to Koch’s rocksteady bar chording…Anka’s work is imaginative and memorable.”- Consequence of Sound “Mesa”- Snail Mail is the lo-fi Baltimore, bedroom pop project of singer-songwriter, Lindsey Jordan. She's a thoughtful lyricist who tends to buck the 'woe is me' cliché in favor of a wider, balance


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