Gusto Event Page - Masti Percussion Plays Glen Velez's "Rhythms of the Chakras"

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Masti Percussion Plays Glen Velez's "Rhythms of the Chakras"


Address: 133 Grant Street, Buffalo

City: Buffalo, NY 14213 USA

Event Date/Time:

April 22nd, 20178:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: $10.00 & up

Category: Live music

Announced-date: 2017-04-10

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About: Masti Percussion is one of the new breed of world percussion groups. Led by former Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble member and frame drumming specialist, Bob Accurso, Masti presents a mosaic of Arabic, Persian, and North African musical influences. Traditional instruments such as the daf, tar, bendir and the Persian santoor are woven together with digital sounds and sequences to create intoxicating melodic and rhythmic collages. Modern compositions and exotic sound worlds provide the canvas for this group, a collection of Western New York's most experienced and acclaimed performers. This will be the area’s first ever performance of “Rhythms of the Chakras”. Joining Bob for this event will be Gary Rutkowski, Ravi Padmanabha, Tiffany Nicely, Jamie Sunshine, and Steve Solook. Four time Grammy winner, Glen Velez is the founding Father of the modern frame drum movement and is regarded as a legendary figure among musicians and audiences world-wide. Velez brought a new genre of drumming to the contemporary music scene by creating his own performance style inspired by years of percussion and frame drumming studies from various cultures. Rhythms of the Chakras Eastern spiritual traditions recognize seven major chakras, or centers of energy, located in the human body. Over centuries, healers have come to identify certain colors, musical tones, esoteric attributes, and other elements that stimulate particular chakras. Rhythms of the Chakras represented a new contribution to the field of sound healing: distinct rhythms that have shown themselves effective for focusing awareness on each chakra. Each of the seven pieces on this recording is designed to stimulate and activate one of those chakras.


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