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Carmen & Lizzy


Address: 1862 Hertel Ave.

City: Buffalo, NY 14216 USA

Event Date/Time:

April 21st, 20177:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Category: Live music

Announced-date: 2017-03-23

Brief-description: .

Event url: dailyplanetcoffee com.

Price text: Free, N/A

About: Carmen O’Keefe and Lizzy Bassler are two beautifully talented musicians who just go to prove music genius can run in the family. O’Keefe and Bassler are cousins who grew up making music together, developing a wide range of talents and passions that have come together to create an unparalleled sound. The aspiring songwriters pull influence from notable musicians, such as The Staves, Nickel Creek, Sarah Jarosz, Johnnyswim, Aoife ODonovan, Sara Bareilles. O’Keefe is a woman of many talents, serving as a songwriter, vocalist, and Acoustic guitarist, as well as a mandolin and ukulele player. Bassler, on the other hand, set to master her craft in song-writing, singing, and playing acoustic guitar. They have been making music together since they were young, but did not start writing music and performing until 2015. In the past year, O’Keefe and Bassler have been making a name for themselves around Niagara County at places like Becker Farms and Windsor Place, and are now setting their sights on northern Buffalo.


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