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Big Fuzzy


Address: 1862 Hertel Ave.

City: Buffalo, NY 14216 USA

Event Date/Time:

April 21st, 20175:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Category: Live music

Announced-date: 2017-03-23

Brief-description: features Anneke Reich and Max Kennedy.

Event url:

About: Visiting us all the way from Beantown, Big Fuzzy features the raw, powerful vocals of Anneke Reich beautifully harmonized with Max Kennedy's own vocal and instrumental prowess. Together, Reich and Kennedy create a sound that's a little bit folksy, a touch bluesy, and a hint of alternative rock, mixed together with a few other subtle influences and guaranteed to leave you well entertained. We're not sure when Big Fuzzy will find themselves travelling through Buffalo again, so don't pass up this opportunity to enjoy yet another brilliant pair of musicians who are fighting to make a name for themselves.


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