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The First Exhibition: 50 Years with Charles E. Burchfield


Address: 1300 Elmwood Ave.

City: Buffalo, NY 14222 USA

Event Date/Time:

Category: Art

Announced-date: 2016-10-28

Brief-description: Opens Tuesday through Feb. 26.

Event url:

Price text: Museum Admission

About: It all began December 9, 1966 when Charles E. Burchfield inaugurated the Charles Burchfield Center on December 9, 1966 cutting the threshold ribbon on a brand new arts institution to bring people from the community and campus together. To honor the museum’s growth over the past five decades, a commemorative installation will open Friday, November 11, 2016. The First Exhibition: 50 Years with Charles E. Burchfield will reunite original Burchfield masterworks from public and private collections that have not been seen together for 50 years. The museum’s very first Burchfield painting for the collection, December Storm, will be highlighted. Burchfield himself donated studies for this work, which will be exhibited with studies and archival materials that the museum has acquired over the past half century. Combined, they will elucidate such exceptional examples from the inaugural exhibition as Fireflies and Lightning, Dawn in Early Spring, North Wind in March, White Wings of September, and Afternoon Wind. Curated by Nancy Weekly, Head of Collections and the Charles Cary Rumsey Curator, the installation will be on view through February 26, 2017. “The museum has grown exponentially, becoming the world’s largest, most comprehensive repository of Burchfield’s art and archives,” said Weekly, the leading Burchfield scholar after 35 years at the museum. “From humble beginnings in a single gallery space, the museum now resides in the LEED --more-- silver-certified building which enables us to embrace a multi-disciplinary focus and explore ways to present visual and performing arts.”


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